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Taiwan Steel Group, which rapidly rose to prominence domestically through mergers and integration, was listed among the top 100 groups in Taiwan by CRIF in 2022. Taiwan Steel Group is the first comprehensive conglomerate in the country, spanning four major industries and twelve sectors. Its industries include steel, communications, chemical green energy, and health and sports. It has 17 publicly listed companies both domestically and internationally.


In the steel sector, it is the globally most comprehensive layout of bar and wire steel conglomerate and also the largest integrated electric arc furnace steelmaking group domestically. It encompasses five major sub-groups: "E-Top Metal Group," "Chun Yu Group," "GMTC Group," "OFCO Group," and "S-Tech Group". It owns six publicly listed companies, including  Chun Yu (2012) , OFCO (5011) ,GMTC (5009), S-Tech Corp (1584) , TMP (6248) and Chun Zu Machinery4544.


In the communications sector, with the goal of building a global communications Silk Road, it has two major sub-groups: " Amigo Group" and "D-Link Group". It possesses global channels and six publicly listed companies, including D-Link (2332) ,Cameo (6142) ,Amigo (6241), New Soft (5202) , UFO Communication(4903) , and DLINKINDIA533146listed in India.


In the health and sports sector, the group aims to create a new industry chain driven by health for the future. It covers areas such as health foods, insurance brokerage, leisure fitness, catering, performing arts, creative culture, and sports events. It is also the first in the country to own three teams: "TSG football," " TSG Hawks," and " TSG Ghost Hawks," combining soccer, basketball, and baseball, along with the "Wing Stars" cheerleading squad. The group's publicly listed companies in the health and sports sector include Jia Jie Bio (4109 ) and Star Travel (2719) , Ensure Global (4419), and Kuei tien cultural & Creative entertainment (4806). In the chemical green energy sector, its publicly listed company is Taiwan Styrene Monomer (1310).


Taiwan Steel Group not only deeply cultivates industries but also actively participates in sports and cultural fields to drive positive energy, fulfilling corporate social responsibilities while advancing towards ESG sustainable development.


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